Brand new home cinema speaker range from Lyngdorf Audio

With Lyngdorf Audio you’ll experience your favourite movies, games, and music on a new level of sound quality. 

We’ve long been a fan for the products from Lyngdorf Audio, part of the Steinway Lyngdorf group.

The surround sound processors the MP40 and MP60, featuring RoomPerfect, Lyngdorf’s own room correction technology, join Trinnov and Storm in the very small group of truly world class audio processors.

The Lyndorf speaker range, features a few very compact on models, perfect for a living room HiFi or small TV room, but missing the power we require for a larger dedicated Home Cinema Room – until now.

The D-500 and D-5 models bring Lyngdorf Audio sound quality to the custom installation speaker market. After the successful introduction of Lyngdorf loudspeakers for modern living rooms, ranging from the MH and FR on-wall speakers and BW boundary woofers to the CS-1 cabinet speaker, the Lyngdorf Discreet series expands the company’s range with in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for stereo and multichannel installations.

The new Custom Installation range introduces 4 new models in the D-Series. The Lyngdorf D-500speaker is a full range, in wall model perfect for a multi-use media room or placement inside a luxury media wall. There is a dedicated Centre channel version, the Lyngdorf D-500 Centre, perfect when it must be placed under a TV screen, instead of behind an Acoustically Transparent Projector screen.

A smaller in-wall and In ceiling version, the Lyngdorf D-5 and D-5 IC complete the range, perfect for in-wall surround speakers and Atmos height channels.



With the LS-1000, D-500, D-5 and BW-20 models, Lyngdorf Audio brings its expertise in home cine- ma and loudspeakers to custom installation speakers. Seven models to suit different installations, from a modern living room with in-wall speakers next to the TV up to the largest home theater with a big screen and immersive audio.

Lyngdorf Audio

Cinema Lusso Award winning Home cinemas

With experience in creating speakers for Steinway Lyngdorf reference home theaters, especially the outstanding Steinway & Sons LS models, combined with the Lyngdorf MH and FR speakers, the Lyngdorf Audio engineers have developed the LS-1000 for Lyngdorf Audio systems. Four LS-1000 modules combined create a line source speaker, with each module consisting of four 115mm midrange drivers with light aluminum cones, 25mm voice coils and powerful vented magnets, complemented by eight 1” soft dome tweeters. Four LS-1000 modules combined result in a line array with 16 midrange drivers and 32 tweeters. Depending on the room width, seat layout, speaker position and screen size, three different LS-1000 models have been designed for the best sound dispersion into the room. 

These Line Array speakers, are perfect for large Home Cinemas with multiple rows of seats, ensuring the same clarity and detail for every seat in the house.


The largest Lyngdorf boundary woofer

The BW-20 complements the Lyngdorf LS and Discreet custom installation speakers, designed for both stereo and Home Cinema systems. BW stands for Boundary Woofer – a Lyngdorf approach where a subwoofer is designed to be placed near the wall boundaries, for example right in the corner, achieving the best bass impulse response by avoiding delayed bass bouncing back off the walls, instead taking advantage of room acoustics. The BW-20 is the company’s largest BW model, extending the line-up of the compact in-room woofers BW-2 and BW-3.

Two 12” woofers are equipped with vented magnets, double spiders, and aluminum cones, built into a large cabinet volume and a rigid construction. This makes the BW-20 a very capable woofer in any room and system. The woofers are high-excursion designs, reaching an excursion of +/- 20mm and enabling the BW-20 to play the lowest frequencies on a very high volume level, with a max. SPL of 118dB. The BW-20 is a passive design with an IEC power handling of 700W, allowing users to choose an individual power amplifier for the best system match.

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