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Whether you want to improve your long game in a dedicated golf room, or add a golf simulator to your games room, our expert team can plan, design and install exactly what you want.

We’ve partnered with the world’s leading golf sim manufacturers to offer a range of options to suit any budget. A golf only simulator with a net provides swing detection and ball flight, to display on a PC or TV, with a slightly larger budget we add  video projection to put you right on course, with the screen as the hitting surface.

How much space do I need for a golf simulator?

A simulator room doesn’t need to be huge, you’ll need a 4m safe swing space, so at least 2m either side of the hitting mat and 2m behind. The mat will usually be placed between 3 to 4m from the hitting screen. You’ll need at least 3m ceiling height, this is higher than most rooms and higher than an outbuilding can be constructed under permitted development, but we have a solution – we can usually dig down to lower the floor, rather than raising the ceiling. A room 5m wide, by 5m deep with a 3m ceiling height, will allow for a professional quality projection system with world class launch monitoring.

How much room do I need for a Golf simulator

Where can I build a Golf Simulator?

There are several options where to put your new golf simulator, the 3 most popular with our clients are a garage conversion, a new outbuilding, or an unused bedroom with attic space above which allows the ceiling to be raised.

Outbuilding Golf simulators have become increasingly popular, allowing you the space you need to reduce your handicap or just enjoy time with friends and family, in an otherwise unused part of the garden.

What’s involved in building a Golf Simulator?

The requirements for a golf simulator, depend on the type of display you would like, the impct surface and the launch monitor technology required. An overhead launch monitor with projection screen impact surface will require the most infrastructure, however our skilled engineers can often add these to an existing room do this with the minimum of fuss. The simplest systems have a portable floor mounted launch monitor and could work with a laptop allowing you to play your favourite course anywhere you can swing the club.

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