Home cinema interior design

We want to create your new favourite room, and the Experience begins the moment you walk through the door.

Unlike the Scientific and Engineering approach required for the AV System, Interior Design is a true art, requiring a specialist team. Our Interior designers work hand in hand with our Technical Team, to ensure the room looks and feels exactly as you imagine, while the AV System reaches its full potential.

In many of our designs, the AV Equipment is complete hidden from site, with speakers often built into the walls with Acoustically Transparent upholstered panels hiding them. This isn’t always the case though, so if you would like to see the equipment or make the Speakers a feature of the room, just let us know.

Almost any design style can be accommodated while maintaining world class Audio / Visual performance. For example, a Hard Wood floor in a Home Cinema would lead to an unpleasant echo between the hard parallel surfaces of the floor and ceiling, so if a Hard Wood Floor is a must,  we can combine the expertises of our Interiors and Technical designers, to make this work with options such as featuring extra acoustic absorption on the ceiling, or designing it to not be flat and parallel to the floor.

There are unlimited options for the Interior Design style of your room. We have a huge library of designs to guide you, but equally we can build anything you can imagine.

Lighting Design

We absolutely love creative lighting and believe the lighting is one of the most important aspects of the way a room looks. We’re experts in Modern LED lighting, as well as tractional and classical lighting design. If you have a specific theme that you would like to achieve, our lighting design will pull the design together and add a true wow factor. 

In a dedicated Home Cinema used exclusively for watching Movies, we usually create 4 lighting Scenes which can be automated to the Remote Control. There will be fairly bright scene to enter and exit the room, a mid brightness scene for when the Movie is Paused but you may wish to find something and a darker scene for when the film is playing, this would usually give just enough light to see your drink and any steps. 

The final Scene would be the brightest and only really used for cleaning.

When a room is used for other entertainment, gaming, sports, TV etc, additional lighting options are planned to make sure the room is always comfortable.

Themed Rooms

We have a number of sample designs for different movie themes or architectural ages. If you have always dreamt of a room inspired by Hollywood Art Deco, a lavish Baroque theatre or the bridge of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek, then we can design it. 

By working in 3D, we can refine the design elements to ensure you love every element of the design. With our Oculus VR headsets, we can give you a full tour of the room including different lighting colours and scenes, before we ever begin construction.

Decorative and Functional Elements

There are many elements to consider in a Home Cinema, to maximise the experience. These include decorative elements such as a Star Ceiling, with can include extra wow factors such as Shooting Stars or the constellations related to your family astrological signs.

Functional elements such as a drinks bar, popcorn machine, fridge, bar stools etc. are included during this part of the design. 

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