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There is only one way to recreate the live gig or nightclub atmosphere at home – 

L-Acoustics Creations.

Whether you want to turn your basement into a nightclub, recreate the Vegas Pool Party, or experience music as if its a live concert, L-Acoustics professional audio systems are the answer.

There is a very special feeling that comes from an L-Acoustics Creations sound system. The power, the clarity, the bass that you can feel deep in your chest. Used at some of the worlds most prestigious concerts, festivals & nightclubs, L-Acoustics Creations sound systems provide a totally different experience than we are used to when listening to music at home.

Whether you want to turn your basement into a nightclub, recreate the Vegas Pool Party, or experience music as if its a live concert, L-Acoustics Creations audio systems are the answer.

If you want your next party to sound like the very best nightclubs, the solution is to use the same sound system, that top DJ’s request by name. Each named after an Island, the range we provide for home nightclub systems include the L-Acoustics Creations Fiji, which uses 4” coaxial speakers with a subwoofer to deliver club quality sound in a smaller space, the Fiji is the choice for smaller parties and home DJ’s.

Moving up in size is the L-Acoustics Creations Tahiti, these bigger speakers can be hidden in wall, or stood on top of their matching subwoofers as a statement piece, now providing club level performance around a large garden, pool area or big basement, the Tahiti will easily cover parties of 100 guests.

At the top of the range, we have the L-Acoustics Creations Ibiza, a stack of world renowned L-Acoustics KARA II speakers and SB18 subwoofers, requested by the worlds biggest superstars and seen in countless photos of mixing booths – the Ibiza, affectionally known by DJ’s as the Texas Headphones, is the solution for the biggest parties.

I’ve never heard of L-Acoustics?

The system behind the best nights of your life, you may have never heard of L-Acoustics but you have definitely heard their systems. The preferred choice of almost every global DJ, Band and Festival, L-Acoustics provide the sound for touring artists including Foo Fighters, Adele, Red Hot Chill Peppers and Aerosmith, DJ’s including Calvin Harris, Tiesto, and Eric Prydz, as well as festivals including Download, Reading & Leeds, Coachella, Creamfields and Wonderland.

L-Acoustics are the definitive sound of live events and Nightclubs such as Hi! in Ibiza, Annabels in London and Wet Republic in Las Vegas

Why doesn’t my HiFi sound like a live concert?

When you are at a concert, the sound you will ofter hear is an L-Acoustics sound system. It has been designed for a single purpose, to deliver the clearest audio, over a large space at high volume. 

 A traditional HiFi simply isn’t designed with the same goals. HiFi systems are generally designed for fairly small living rooms and a small “sweetspot” to cover a few seats. They generslly cant reproduce very deep bass, or high listening volumes in the same way that a professional live audio system can. L-Acoustics aim not only deliver high levels of SPL but true accurate reproduction of vocals and instruments.

Do L’Acoustics make residential products?

No, L-Acoustics have a range of products but none of them have been primarily designed for use at home. When we provide a residential L-Acoustics system, it uses exactly the same products used at your favourite venue but with a residential preset preloaded in the amplifiers so that it works perfectly for its location. Every speaker can be used indoor or outdoor, so they are also perfect for the garden or round the pool. 

By using small speakers and multiple subwoofers our installations can be very discreet, but even the smallest models deliver incredibly powerful sound, in fact the smallest speaker we use, a 4 inch cube, is the exact same speaker used in the Golden Circle at the Hollywood Bowl, one of the best live music venues on the planet.

Can I use L-Acoustics in a cinema room?

Absolutely, if you love watching concerts at home, then having the same speakers used on the biggest stages around the world in your cinema room makes will create the most accurate reproduction possible. The speakers are also perfect for playing back the latest Hollywood blockbusters as well thanks to their high sound pressure level and dynamics.

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