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A bespoke Media Wall installation is a popular and stylish way to incorporate the TV and speakers in a living room. The Media wall will usually help to hide all cabling and extra equipment such as speakers and SkyQ set top box, making a stylish addition to your room.

Our Media Wall designs can be made and upholstered off site for a one day, zero mess installation.

All of our Media walls are bespoke, designed to fit your room, your equipment and your needs. We can include soundbars, individual speakers and subwoofers as well as all the cabling.

Our designs can be made off site and upholstered for a 1 day, zero mess install, or build in design that can be plastered and decorated.

Our fabric wrapped walls have become the most popular solution because they provide a beautiful transformation of the Audio Video equipment in the room and can be installed so quickly. A huge range of fabrics, mean there is always something suitable to match your interior design.

Upholstered fabric Media wall

We specialise in fabric upholstered Media Wall installation, a beautiful focal point for your room

How much does a Media Wall cost?

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Can I include a Fireplace in a Media Wall?

Yes, it’s definitely possible to include a fire. Where a traditional fireplace is included, we have motorised options to mount the TV on a bracket that will lower the TV when you switch it on or keep it at full height if you are using the fire. With the latest Artwork TV’s, it’s now possible to disguise the TV above the mantle place with no compromises to the quality when you want to watch it.

In our fabric media walls, we recommend a modern electric fire with real flame effects. These can provide the look of a fire with or without heat and finish the classic focal point. These fires are in the ribbon style, so the TV doesn’t need to be mounted so high, keeping a comfortable viewing angle without a special mounting bracket.

What is the benefit of a Media Wall installation?

A bespoke Media Wall, is a focal point in the room, bringing together the other elements of the interior design.

Nobody really wants to see their AV Equipment in their sitting room, so the Media Wall is a great solution to hide all the cabling and extra equipment, while providing storage and decorative lighting. We usually include In-Wall Speakers in our media walls, providing a huge improvement over the TV’s own speakers, without taking any valuable floor space, while keeping them out of sight and out of reach of pets of children.

How much does a media Wall Cost?

The total cost of the media wall will depend on its size and design. For a bespoke upholstered wall, with integrated lighting, an electric fire place and 65inch TV, a budget of £15,000 would be realistic. If you already have the TV or don’t require a fire, this would be lower cost.


Can I have a projector screen in a media wall?


Yes, we regularly design and build bespoke media walls which include both a TV and a Projection Screen. This gives the best of both worlds, a large bright TV for watching sport and gaming with the lights on, as well as a huge screen for movie night and special occasions.

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