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Designed and built from Fabric, wood or plaster, a Media Wall Installation will perfectly complement your interior

Wooden Media Walls

Traditional timber media walls come in many shapes and sizes. We partner with a cabinet maker, to create bespoke media walls to perfectly meet our requirements. This could be a classic piece of cabinetry to suit a country home, or a fully fitted more modern design, to a multi part or compact media unit.

Cinema Lusso Award winning Home cinemas

The choices are almost limitless with a wooden media wall. Finishes include a smooth spray finish, a classic hand painted finish completed on site, or a real wood veneer.

 We usually suggest a soundbar with this style of media walls for the cleanest overall look and feel, where the TV’s own speaker will be underwhelming, but a high quality Pere of in-wall speakers could ruin the aesthetic.



Cinema Lusso Award winning Home cinemas

Fabric Media Walls

Fabric Media Wall installations are our current favourite style. These walls are built offsite in our factory and installed in sections, usually 1m wide.

 With each wall design built to order, these walls take 8-12 weeks from our initial design meeting to installation date. When we arrive to fit the wall, it will usually be done in a single mess-free day, so there is no dust or redecorating to do as there way be with a building project


The greatest feature of a fabric media wall, is that the fabric can be acoustically transparent. This means we can hide speakers or a soundbar behind the fabric out of sight, giving a very clean and sharp overall look, whilst still delivering incredible audio performance.

 For convince coupled with quality, we often recommend the Sonos Arc soundr. Where the highest possible quality is required, we will usually use 2 or 3 Meridian powered in-wall speakers. These provide a true HiFi  performance, whilst not being seen from behind the fabric.

A fabric wall can include a fireplace. There are two options. For a real flame, we have a supplier who make a fully heat shielded enclosure, while this is a premium opition, it is the ultimate luxury. We also have a range of different modern electric fires, these have the benefit of being able to separate the fire effect from the heating element, so that you can enjoy the fire, even when the room its warm.



Cinema Lusso Award winning Home cinemas

Built In Media Walls



The simplest media wall design is to create a niche, by building out a section of the wall. This can create a space which can be back lit, adding to thew ambiance in the room. 

Including a sound bar is easy with this design, it can either be attached to the TV in a single niche, or added in a separate space below the TV.


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