Immersive Home Cinema design and installation

What has been achieved, I firmly believe only Cinema Lusso could have created. They are true AV perfectionists.

Its now movie time, every night of the week

Mark J.

Your new favourite room, a luxurious home cinema will transport you to another world, fully immersed in the action and adventure.

At Cinema Lusso we specialise in complete turn-key rooms, simply provide us an empty room and we will create your dream cinema.

Upholstered fabric Media wall

Perfection, it’s at the heart of everything we do

Upholstered fabric Media wall

What you want to watch and with who, is always the stating point to make your perfect space.

Movies, Games, Sport or TV, we optimise the design for your ultimate enjoyment.

Design, with you and your family always in mind

With cutting edge 3D design, we’ll show you exactly how your finished room will look, before we begin installation.

The look and feel of the room sets the scene, a luxury space dedicated to your entertainment. The perfect view from every seat, and fully immersive audio delivers  on that promise.

Upholstered fabric Media wall

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