Racing Simulator Installation

Competing in E-Sports, improving real world race craft, or just battling friends, our range of racing simulators bring the track into your home.


Using the latest computer hardware and a range of software packages, our racing car simulators are perfect for motorsport enthusiasts, designed and built as the ultimate driver training tool.

We have 3 base models with increasing levels of performance and motion actuation, with a range of additional options to suit every budget and driving style, including 3 gear shift options. You could choose a paddle shift wheel for F1, a Sequential shifter for Rally or even an H Pattern shifter to recreate your own sports cars.

The highly realistic software means your practice at home will translate to the track, while a Hot Lap Challenge between friends will definitively settle the argument of who is fastest.



What display options are available?


Each of our 3 models have a selection of display options. Starting with a single 49inch monitor, you have the option to upgrade to a triple monitor display to wrap around you and increase the field of view. Our largest flat panel display uses 3x 43inch monitors.

We can also provide projection and Virtual reality display options, so the racing simulator could share a projection screen with your Home Cinema, or Golf Simulator. With the Oculus VR headset, the in-sim footage can be mirrored on to monitors or projector screen, making a social experience with friends.

Which steering wheels can I use?

Our steering wheel base has 50mm and 70mm adaptors for a range of different racing wheels. We offer a range of different shapes to suit different driving styles from OMP and Sparko, each can be customised with on wheel control buttons and paddle shifters. If you have a specific wheel you would like to use to match your own car, this can be arranged.

What customisation options are available?

We have a range of hydraulic pedal options, so you can choose a 2 or 3 pedal system. 

A hydraulic hand brake is optional, adding additional realism to rally driving simulation.

D-Box motion actuators can be added or increased in quality up to 5 independent actuators, providing motion in each corner of the simulator frame as well as a thrust component to recreate acceleration and braking forces.

A choice of seat shapes and racing harness allows toy to select the cockpit feel most closely matching your target style and experience.

Which software do you support?

A range of options are supported to match your esports, training goals and driving style . Dirt Rally 2.0 is possibly the best off road simulator available with a large range of cars and road surfaces to hone your skills. 

On the track Assetto Corsa features a range of cars from modern and classic F1, production road cars, Supercars and Le Mans Prototypes, which you can enjoy around accurately recreated circuits including Spa, Nordschleife and Laguna Seca. 

For esports and motor racing racing enthusiasts, iRacing has a huge following, with cars including Nascar, Formula 1, Formula Renault, Indy Car, Dirt Track Sprint, Rally Cross and a large selection of GT3 racers.

How much does a Racing Simulator cost?

Our simulators start at under £14,000, for a single screen set without motion actuation. A 3 screen upgrade requiring additional graphics processing power costs roughly £3000. 

As we increase performance and add D-Box Motion actuation our Mid Level simulators start at £25,000, while the pro model, which includes the most advanced features and realistic simulation begin at £41,000.

For a full gaming room, or a standalone simulator, we can design your dream racing experience

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