2021 CEDIA Awards – Best Home Cinema & Best Lighting

CEDIA Award Winner Logos - Best Home Cinema EMEA and Best Lighting

We are absolutely honoured to have won not one, but two CEDIA awards for our recent Triangles Home Cinema design. 

All of our Media walls are bespoke, designed to fit your room, your equipment and your needs. We can include soundbars, individual speakers and subwoofers as well as all the cabling.

Our designs can be made off site and upholstered for a 1 day, zero mess install, or build in design that can be plastered and decorated. 

Our fabric wrapped walls have become the most popular solution because they provide a beautiful transformation of the Audio Video equipment in the room and can be installed so quickly. A huge range of fabrics, mean there is always something suitable t match your interior design.

Beautiful room and well designed. The audio calibration report was first rate!

Very innovative design – great system

Beautiful architecture. The LED triangle wall is amazing

Award Judges Feedback

Cinema Lusso Award winning Home cinemas

The full Home Cinema design case study can be found on Essential Install HERE

Equipment List

  • Anthem: AVM60
  • Artcoustic: PDA1000
  • Artcoustic: 2 x Spitfire control 1 sub
  • Audio Excellence: Control 48 DSP
  • Audio Excellence: Quatro 6 4 Channel power amplifier
  • Audio Excellence: 2 x Raijuu 1 In Wall High Performance Sub-Woofer
  • Audio Excellence: 4 x Vertex 1 Audiophile In Wall Surround Speaker
  • Audio Excellence: 3 x Vertex 2 Audiophile In Wall Speaker – Ultra low profile
  • Blustream: 4 x Precision 18gpbs HDMI 2m UHD HDMI Cable,
  • 2 x Precision 18gpbs HDMI 5m cable
  • Cinema Build System: Ultimate Track 10 Lengths of 18mm fabric track for creating acoustically transparent walls
  • Furman: 4 x AC210 Power Conditioner Compact 10amp power conditioner
  • GIK Acoustics: 6 x Alpha 4A Broadband Absorption Panel with Scatter Plate
  • GIK Acoustics: 6 x Monster Bass Trap Bass Absorption Panel with Range Limiter technology and Scatter Plate
  • GIK Acoustics: 4 xT70 Bass Trap Tuned Membrane Bass Absorption panel – 70Hz frequency tuning
  • GIK Acoustics: 8 x Verifusor 17Root QRD Diffusor
  • Ineva Seating: Bespoke Seating based on McFarland design
  • Kaleidescape: STRATO 4K Ultra HD Movie Player – 6 TB
  • Middle Atlantic: BL1 1 space (1 3/4 in.) flanged aluminium blank panel, black brushed finish
  • Middle Atlantic: LBP-6A L shaped lacing bar with 6 in. offset, 10 PC
  • Middle Atlantic: RSH4A5XX 5 space black brushed custom rack-shelf
  • ProtoPixel: 2 x 8 Channel Controller LED Controller
  • ProtoPixel: Node Pixel LED Scene playback device
  • ProtoPixel: 70 x WS2813 RGBW LED Tape LED Pixel tape, with redundant data channel
  • Screen Excellence: SCE Discovery 100 2.40:1 Enlightor Neo AT Screen
  • Sim2: Anamorphic Lens 2.40:1 Wide aspect Anamorpic Lens
  • Sim2: Domino 4 UHD Ultra High-Definition Cinema Projector
  • Somfy: Motorised Curtain Track

Massive congratulations to all of the winners on the night, showcasing some extraordinary designs and the finest work across our region.

Home Cinema Level I

Winner: Cinema Lusso (UK) – Triangles

Home Cinema Level II
Winner: Dark Side Of The Room (France) – Number 2

Home Cinema Level III
Winner: Macbee (India) – The Camellias

Integrated Home Level I
Winner: SONA (UK) – Get A Grip

Highly Commended: Future Automation Solutions (Pakistan) – Shivadh Residence

Integrated Home Level II
Winner: Awicon (India)– Baymount Loft

Integrated Home Level III
Winner: Cornflake (UK) – Clink Wharf

Highly Commended: GLO AV (UK) – Dulwich Town House

Media Room Level I
Winner: Cornflake (UK) – Clink Wharf – My Other Home Cinema Room

Media Room Level II
Winner: BNC Technology (South Africa) – The Arabian

Multiple Dwelling Unit Design

Winner: Imperium Building Systems (UK) – Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People


Winner: JOOCED (UK) – The Experience

Best Dressed Rack

Winner: Macbee (India) – The Camellias

Highly Commended: SONA (UK) – Get A Grip

Best Documentation

Winner: Macbee (India) – The Camellias

Highly Commended: SONA (UK) – Get A Grip

Best Lighting

Winner: Cinema Lusso (UK) – Triangles

Most Innovative Solution

Winner: Consexto (Portugal) – Skyfall

Best Hardware
Winner: Zuma – Lumisonic

Best Software
Winner: Crestron – Crestron Home

Best Training
Winner: Snap One –Professional Certified Network Administrator Training

Best Trade Supplier

Winner: Gallo Acoustics

Life Lived Best at Home

Winner: Imperium Building Systems (UK) – Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People

Technology Meets Design

Dark Side Of The Room (France) – Number 2

Best Integrated Home – Global

Winner: Global Wave Integration (USA) – Hillsboro Property

Best Home Cinema – Global

Winner: Macbee (India) – The Camellias

Best Media Room – Global

Winner: BNC Technology (South Africa) – The Arabian

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